MASLINE Eco Istrian de Dignan 370g MASLINE Eco Istrian de Dignan 370g
MASLINE Eco Istrian de Dignan 370g MASLINE Eco Istrian de Dignan 370g

Domaće EKO masline
Domaće masline iz prirodnog, organskog ekološkog uzgoja bez upotrebe pesticida. Masline su s košticama, u salamuri, bez kemijskih aditiva ili umjetnih konzervansa.
Ove masline rastu u masliniku na didaktičkoj farmi pored vrta s aromatičnim biljem neprofitne Udruge Istarsko- ekomuzej iy Vodnjana, čiji je cilj promicanje i očuvanje tradicionalnih resursa, lokalnih proizvoda, umjetnosti i zanata lokalnog podneblja. O ovim maslinama brinu se ćlanovi udruge, školarci i volonteri iz čitavog svijeta koji ovdje u Vodnjanu uče živjeti održivo i u skladu s prirodom.

Homemade ECO olives
Homemade olives from natural, organic organic cultivation without the use of pesticides. The olives are pitted, in brine, without chemical additives or artificial preservatives.
These olives grow in an olive grove on a didactic farm next to a garden with aromatic herbs of the non-profit Association Istarsko-ekomuzej iy Vodnjan, whose goal is to promote and preserve traditional resources, local products, arts and crafts of the local climate. These olives are cared for by members of the association, schoolchildren and volunteers from all over the world who are learning to live sustainably and in harmony with nature here in Vodnjan.

Olive fatte in casa ECO
Olive fatte in casa da coltivazione biologica naturale, senza l'uso di pesticidi. Le olive vengono snocciolate, in salamoia, senza additivi chimici o conservanti artificiali.
Queste olive crescono in un uliveto in una fattoria didattica accanto a un giardino con erbe aromatiche dell'Associazione no profit Istarsko-ekomuzej iy Vodnjan, il cui obiettivo è quello di promuovere e preservare risorse tradizionali, prodotti locali, arti e mestieri del clima locale. Queste olive sono curate da membri dell'associazione, scolari e volontari provenienti da tutto il mondo che imparano a vivere in modo sostenibile e in armonia con la natura qui a Dignano.



ISTRIAN de Dignan - ECOMUSEUM was established to improve the local quality of life, promoting the values of cooperation, work and solidarity between the members and the local community.The sense of belonging, the care taken to protect the most ancient traditions and the strenuous search for the quality, are source of inspiration for us.The Ecomuseum members are developing projects to satisfy the local needs and to valorise the underused resources at global level.The development of the territory and the revitalization of the material and immaterial rural culture are being achieved through an ethical approach and particular attention to the social integration of disadvantaged groups.The association is a meeting point for people from all around the World, sharing the will of developing a better society and enjoy nature!

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